How Old Is Akinozu?

How tall is Akinozu?

1.8 mAkın Akınözü/Height.

How tall is Akın Akınözü?

1.8 mAkın Akınözü/Height

How many episodes are in Hercai?

69Hercai/Number of episodes

Who is akin Akinozu dating?

Sandra PestemalciyanFinally from the actor we get good news from personal life. Turkish media reports that during New Year’s holidays in France, Akin Akinozu has proposed to his partner Sandra Pestemalciyan for marriage.

Who is Sandra Pestemalciyan?

Sandra Pestemalciyan was born in 1995 in Istanbul. She graduated from Fevziye School Foundation Işık Schools in 2011 and graduated from Istanbul Technical University, in the Department of Economics in 2016. Then, she studied Economics at New York State University.

Where is akin Akinozu from?

Ankara, TurkeyAkın Akınözü/Place of birthAkın Akınözü was born on 22 September 1990, in Ankara, Turkey and is the only child of actress Özlem Akınözü and restaurant owner Tamer Akınözü.