Is Coach Carter On Any Streaming Service?

Is Coach Carter on Amazon Prime?

Watch Coach Carter | Prime Video..

Is Coach Carter on Tubi?

🏀(Coach Carter, 2005) Stream it free, right now on Tubi.

Where can u watch Coach Carter?


Is Coach Carter based on a true story?

The film is based on the true story of Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter (played by Jackson), who made headlines in 1999 for suspending his undefeated high school basketball team due to poor academic results. … The film score was composed and orchestrated by musician Trevor Rabin.

Who is Coach Carter in real life?

Kenny Ray Carter (born February 13, 1959) is an American business owner, education activist and former high school basketball coach. Carter attended college at San Francisco State, then Contra Costa College, and finally George Fox University, where he played basketball….Ken CarterOther namesCoach Carter2 more rows

Is Ken Carter still alive?

Deceased (1938–1983)Ken Carter/Living or Deceased

How long is Coach Carter?

2h 16mCoach Carter/Running time

Does Netflix have Coach Carter?

Yes, Coach Carter is now available on American Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on January 1, 2020.

Is Coach Carter on Netflix Canada?

Yes, Coach Carter is now available on Canadian Netflix.

Did Coach Carter really lock the gym?

gained national headlines in January 1999 when, as the Richmond varsity basketball coach, he locked his players out of the gym for a week when one-third of the 45 players in his varsity, junior varsity and freshman programs failed to achieve 2.3 grade-point averages.