Question: How Many Episodes Are In Hercai?

Will there be a season 2 of Hercai?

Series overviewSeasonOriginally airedFirst aired1March 15, 20192September 20, 20193September 18, 2020.

Is Hercai based on true story?

Storyline of Hercai TV Show Centre of the story is based on the fate of a young man named Miran Aslanbey (played by Akın Akınözü), whose parents died through the fault of a man who became his mortal enemy.

Does Gul die in Hercai?

Gül is the darling of the Şadoğlu Mansion especially by her grandfather Nasuh Şadoğlu, who named her in honor of his mother. In the fake wedding of Reyyan and Miran Şadoğlu she is shot by her cousin Azat Şadoğlu who was drunk, she manages to survive but is left with a bullet in her head.

Who is sending the notes in Hercai?

When Aslan discovers the truth, he decides to take revenge on Azize for separating him from his true family and begins an alliance with Mahfuz Erdoğan,Füsun Aslanbey,Harun Bakircioğlu and Asiye to destroy her by sending notes to Reyyan and Miran Şadoğlu so that they discover the past.

Do Elif and Azat get married?

To everyone’s surprise Azat declares his union with Elif. It turns out that the two have agreed to marry in order to stop the bloodfeud between the families. Reactions vary from shock to joy, but be it as it may, the two are legally married.

Does Miran die?

Reyyan and Miran face death after Azize’s intervention. Seeing that Miran fell from the cliff in to the river after a fight he had with Aslan, Reyyan runs after him to save the man she loves without hesitating any moment. Reyyan takes Miran to the side, but his condition is critical.

Who is Aslan Aslanbey Hercai?

Dogan BayraktarHercai (TV Series 2019– ) – Dogan Bayraktar as Aslan Aslanbey – IMDb.

Does Hazar Sadoglu die?

Hazar was the son of Azize Aslanbey and Nasuh Şadoğlu. … The night they met, Mehmet found them and shot them and then killed himself in front of his mother Azize.

Do reyyan and Miran end up together?

-Yaren, locked in her room. Handan faints just outside her door. -35:40 Elif brings some dresses to Reyyan and they have a sweet ‘sisterly’ moment together. -46:00 Yaren calls Azat: “Miran and Reyyan married!

Is Gonul divorced from Miran?

On the other hand, the plans of Gönül who does not want to lose Miran are revealed. Miran decides to divorce. This causes a second earthquake in the Aslanbey mansion.

Is there a season 3 of Hercai?

Hercai Season 3 – Episodes Guide and SummariesEpisodeEpisode NameAir Date139. BölümSep 18, 2020240. BölümSep 25, 2020341. BölümOct 02, 2020442. BölümOct 09, 202027 more rows

Is Azize Aslanbey Ayse?

Biography. Her real name was Ayse, she was a servant on the Şadoğlu Farm, she fell in love with Nasuh, had a religious marriage with him and a son together.

Are reyyan and Miran siblings?

Info. Reyyan is the granddaughter of Sadoglu Family, one the strongest families in Midyat. Although her father Hazar and her uncle Cihan are important figures in the grand family, the real leader is her grandfather, Nasuh. Nasuh has been mistreating Reyyan, he was always more considerate of her cousin Yaren.

What means Hercai in Turkish?

1. inconstant, fickle. 2. watered, shot (silk). Translate the Turkish term hercai to other languages.

Where is Hercai filmed?

TurkeyThe set location of Hercai takes place in timeless poetic city of Turkey, Mardin – Midyat, where our bestseller drama Sıla shot as well. And today, another title called Maria and Mustafa tells a love story that is completely love by chance is also shot in the Anatolian region, Cappadocia.