Question: Jenifa’S Diary Cast

Where is joy nice from?

Akwa IbomShe is a popular Nigerian actress, television presenter, model and producer who has featured in television series.

Joy Nice hails from Akwa Ibom.

She is the last child in her family who grew up under a very protective environment..

Why did Toyo leave jenifa’s diary?

Olayode Juliana aka Toyo baby has given a detailed explanation on why she left Funke Akindele’s Jenifa Diaries. Recall that news broke out in April this year that she had quit the series because of a misunderstanding. … I would be stating in clear terms the relationship I had with Aunty Funke.

Who is Marcus in jenifa’s diary?

JJC Skillz (Marcus) – Abdul Rasheed Bello In Jenifa’s diary, JJC Skillz acts as the boyfriend to Jenifer. He opens a beauty salon for her in season 5. His real name is Abdul Rasheed Bello. In reality, he is the husband of Funke Akindele.

Is toyosi back to jenifa’s diary?

He also dismissed reports connecting him to the breakup between his wife and Toyosi, a character in Funke Akindele’s comedy series, Jenifa’s Diary. … The only permanent character in the series is Jenifa. Falz has gone and came back; Toyosi has gone and maybe will come back. Toyosi has gone, now she’s back.

How old is Funke Akindele?

43 years (August 24, 1977)Funke Akindele/Age

Who is jenifa husband?

JJC SkillzAkindele married Nigerian rapper JJC Skillz in London in May 2016.

Is timini egbuson in jenifa’s diary?

Timini Egbuson plays a character named TOBI on MTV’s “Shuga” while Tobi Makinde plays a character named TIMINI on Funke Akindele’s “Jenifa’s Diary.”

What is the real name of James in jenifa’s diary?

Michael UbaMichael Uba, popularly known as James in comedy series, Jenifa’s Diary is a multi-talented Nigerian actor, comedian, writer and radio and television presenter. He is also known as Ogbolor in Wazobia FM. He is an all-round entertainer.

How many seasons are there in jenifa’s diary?

22 seasonsJenifa’s Diary has 22 seasons and is currently active and ongoing….Jenifa’s DiaryNo. of seasons23No. of episodes292ProductionRunning time20 – 30 minutes8 more rows

Who is Funke Akindele husband?

JJCm. 2016Kehinde Oloyedem. 2012–2013Funke Akindele/Husband

Where can I watch jenifa’s diary?

Watch Jenifa’s Diary Season 1 Now on Sceneonetv Youtube Channel.