Question: Who Is Adekunle Gold’S Wife?

How old is Davido?

28 years (November 21, 1992)Davido/Age.

Who did Adekunle gold marry?

Simim. 2019Adekunle Gold/SpouseAdekunle married Simi in a close-knit ceremony in January 2019. It was later revealed that they had been dating for five years.

Who is the father of Adekunle gold?

Prince Hakeem Adeyemi KosokoAdekunle Gold’s father is Prince Hakeem Adeyemi Kosoko , adekunle gold is his only child. Before his death in 2019, he was the Permanent Secretary of Education District 4 I Lagos State. Adekunle gold’s father was buried on May 30 2019 with his son and Simi present at his burial.

What is Adekunle gold worth?

$800,000 dollarsAdekunle Gold is currently one of the hard-working and most influential artists in Nigeria presently with an estimated net worth of $800,000 dollars in 2020.

Who is the biological father of Adekunle gold?

Prince Hakeem KosokoAdekunle Gold’s father, Prince Hakeem Kosoko, has been buried in Lagos.

Who signed Adekunle gold?

YBNL NationAdekunle Gold/Record labels

How tall is Adekunle gold?

183 cmAdekunle GoldAdekunle GoldBirth place:Lagos State, NigeriaHeight:183 cm / 6 ftWeight:79 kg / 174 lbMarital Status:Single, Simi6 more rows

What is Simi real name?

Simisola OgunleyeSimi/Full name

Who is Simi husband now?

Simi (singer)SimiOccupationSinger songwriter sound engineer actressSpouse(s)Adekunle Gold ​ ( m. 2019)​Musical careerGenresAfropop soul alt-rock world R&B8 more rows

When did Simi get married?

January 9, 2019 (Adekunle Gold)Simi/Wedding dates

How did Simi meet Adekunle gold?

Simisola Ogunleye, singer-songwriter, says Adekunle Gold “chased me all over Facebook” before she eventually met him. … According to Simi, they met for the first time in 2013 at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi, where she had gone to perform. “He was chasing me all over Facebook.

How old is small doctor now?

24 years (October 19, 1996)Small Doctor/Age

Is Simi and Adekunle gold truly married?

Nigerian singer and song-writer, Simisola popularly known as Simi, has taken to social media to reveal the only reason she got married to fellow singer, Adekunle Gold. … In a recent post on her Instagram, she revealed that she got married to him so as to be able to wear all his clothes.

How old is Adekunle gold now?

34 years (January 28, 1987)Adekunle Gold/Age

How old is Simi now?

33 years (April 19, 1988)Simi/Age