Question: Who Is The Father Of Lizzy Anjorin?

How old is Iyabo Ojo now?

43 years (December 21, 1977)Iyabo Ojo/Age.

How old is Dayo?

37 years (July 20, 1983)Dayo Amusa/Age

What is Lizzy Anjorin net worth?

Lizzy Anjorin net worth Her net worth is about $1 million.

What happened between Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin?

Lizzy Anjorin allegedly accused Toyin Abraham of running the blog “” alongside multiple Instagram accounts to troll her and other colleagues in the movie industry. Lizzy claimed that Toyin leaked damaging reports about her to blogs.

Who is Lizzy’s mother?

Abiola R. Anjorin who died at the age of 70 years. According to those who know her,the fact that Lizzy is her mother’s only child made the woman over protective of her even when Lizzy tended to act as if she was older than her age.

How old is jaiye Kuti now?

29 years oldShe is currently 29 years old in age. STATE OF ORIGIN She hails from Egbado, Abeokuta in Ogun State.

Who is Lizzy Anjorin father?

Oba Lamidi AdeyemiWe cannot tell how old she is but Lizzy Anjorin is probably in her late 30s or early 40s. Her father is Oba Lamidi Adeyemi (iii).

Is Lizzy Anjorin married to alaafin?

Newly wed actress Lizzy Anjorin and her husband Adegboyega Lawal, have met the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, alongside two of his wives.

Who did Lizzy Anjorin marry?

LawalAnjorin and her hubby, Lawal tied the knot during the week at a private wedding ceremony attended by close friends and relatives.

Is Lizzy Anjorin a princess?

She names herself Princess Lizzy Anjorin Aishat Eganmidogo Adeyemi.

How old is Lizzy da Silva?

Liz Da-SilvaBornElizabeth Omowunmi Tekovi Da-Silva 10 May 1978 Obalende, Lagos StateNationalityTogolese and NigerianOccupationActressYears active2004–Present1 more row

Did Lizzy Anjorin marry alaafin Oyo?

The speculations resulted from her Instagram page last year where she shared a new photo and captioned it with her new name and title, ‘Lizzy Anjorin Adeyemi Alaafin of Oyo’, however, it was found that she was bestowed with the title and not married to him.

Does Lizzy Anjorin have a child?

Rotimi AnjorinLiz Anjorin/Children

Who is Lizzy Anjorin husband?

Adegboyega LawalControversial Nollywood indigenous actress Liz Anjorin and her husband Adegboyega Lawal celebrated their wedding ceremony earlier this month.