Question: Who Is The Mother Of Gabriel Afolayan?

Where is Gabriel Afolayan from?

Lagos, NigeriaGabriel Afolayan/Place of birth.

Is Gabriel Afolayan married?

yesGabriel Afolayan/Has Current Partner

Who is older between aremu and Kunle Afolayan?

Aremu Afolayan is a Nigerian film actor and the brother of Kunle Afolayan, a Nigerian veteran film actor and award-winning director and entrepreneur.

When did Funmi die?

May 7, 2002Funmi Martins/Date of death

Toyin Afolayan (born 24 September 1959) popularly known as Lola Idije is a Nigerian film actress and aunt to Nigerian film actor Kunle Afolayan. She gained recognition after starring as Madam Adisa in a 1995 film titled Deadly Affair.

Who is jaiye Kuti married to?

Jaiye Kuti in a movie with Pasuma. Actress, Jaiye Kuti, has said that she was shocked when she heard the viral rumour that she was married to a popular fuji artiste, Wasiu Alabi, aka Pasuma. Kuti made this known as a guest at Inspire Nigeria Summit, a virtual summit held to motivate young Nigerians.

How old is Lola Idije?

61 years (September 24, 1959)Toyin Afolayan/Age

Who is Lola Idije father?

Before, we go in to all the details, one interesting fact about Toyin’s journey into acting is that, it was Kunle’s father; Adeyemi Afolayan (Ade Love) that introduced Toyin to acting. Toyin Afolayan was born in Agbamu, Kwara State on the 24th of September 1959. She is popularly called Lola Adije.

How old is jaiye Kuti now?

29 years oldShe is currently 29 years old in age. STATE OF ORIGIN She hails from Egbado, Abeokuta in Ogun State.

Who is the youngest in afolayan family?

Gabriel AfolayanThey have a daughter, Iyunade Afolayan. Gabriel Afolayan is the last and youngest actor in the Afolayan’s family. Gabriel is not only into acting, he sings as well. Gabriel popularly known as G-Fresh was born on the 1st of March 1985. Currently a 35years old actor.

Who is older between Kunle and Gabriel Afolayan?

Gabriel Afolayan is a multi-award-winning Nigerian actor and singer. His stage name as a singer is G-fresh, and he is the younger brother of the widely acclaimed movie producer and director – Kunle Afolayan.

Did pasuma marry jaiye Kuti?

Nollywood actress, Jaiye Kuti, has debunked rumours that she is married to Fuji music star, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma. The actress made the denial at Inspire Nigeria Summit, a virtual summit held to motivate young Nigerians. She said she got married to Pasuma in a movie, but the news went viral that she married him.