Quick Answer: Bukola Awoyemi Twins

Who is Bukola Awoyemi husband?

Damola OlatunjiShe took to her official IG page to share these glamorous photos with fans as her husband-to-be, Damola Olatunji wrote the beautiful birthday tribute below for her..

Is Lateef Adedimeji married to adebimpe?

Nollywood actor, Lateef Adedimeji, has debunked rumours about his marriage to his colleague Adebimpe Oyebade. … “We are not married, all of our photo shoots are for brands.” he said, adding that they are just friends.

Who is the wife of Damola Olatunji?

Raliat Abiodun-Olatunjim. 2013Damola Olatunji/Wife

How old is bukky awoyemi?

32 years (December 19, 1988)Bukola Awoyemi/Age

How old is Osun?

The modern State of Osun was created on August 27, 1991 from part of the old Oyo State. The state’s name is derived from the River Osun, the venerated natural spring that is the manifestation of the Yoruba goddess of the same name.

How old is Damola Olatunji twins?

The twins a currently four years old and have come a long way since their birth on January 3rd 2015.

How old is arugba?

fourteen-year-oldMeet the Arugba, the fourteen-year-old member of the royalty selected to lead the procession to the Sacred Grove during the festival of Osun-Osogbo in Nigeria.

Who is oyebade adebimpe husband?

Lateef AdedimejiOyebade is married to fellow actor, Lateef Adedimeji.

Is Damola Olatunji married to adebimpe oyebade?

As expected, she got lots of congratulatory messages from her fans, well wishers and her colleagues in the movie industry. Recall that Damola Olatunji lives with his baby mama, Bukola Arugba and although both of them are yet to announce that they are legally married, the couples have a set of twins already.

Who is the first born of Oga Bello?

As we’ve stated before, there are nine men that can proudly call Oga Bello their father. The eldest son is Wale Adebayo, not to be confused with another famous Nigerian actor with the same name. Adebayo Salami’s firstborn is the Managing Director of a cleaning and landscaping company Flexyklin, from Abuja.

How old is Femi Adebayo now?

42 years (May 5, 1978)Femi Adebayo/Age

Is Femi Adebayo married?

Omotayo Maimunat Sanusim. 2016Femi Adebayo/Spouse

Who is Femi Adebayo elder brother?


Is Osun a mermaid?

Often depicted as a queenly mermaid, Yemaya is considered the Ocean Mother Goddess in Santería, an Afro-Caribbean religion practiced around the world. With anchored roots in the Yoruba religion, Yemaya was brought over to the New World by enslaved Africans as early as the 16th century.

How did Osun become a river?

Osun River in Ekiti state-source of origin. … It is one of the several rivers ascribed in local mythology to have been women who turned into flowing waters after some traumatic event frightened or angered them. It is a sacred and reserved area where dirt and other unlawful activities are not meant to take place.