Quick Answer: Does Ruth Kadiri Have A Child?

Is destiny Etiko married?

Who is Destiny Etiko husband.

042, Coal city state.

Obodo ife n’eme.

Despite having so many beautiful wedding pictures on social media, the actress is still neither married nor in a relationship..

How many children does Ruth Kadiri?

Ruth KadiriOccupationActress, screenwriter, film producerYears active2009–presentSpouse(s)EzerikaChildren14 more rows

What language is Ruth Kadiri?

Yoruba languageTop facts about Ruth Kadiri’s homeland Translated from the Yoruba language, the name sounds like “Dwelling of sorrow.” Subsequently, the Portuguese changed the former name of the city, and it became known as Benin. Lagos is located 330 kilometres from Benin City.

How old is Zubby Micheal?

36 years (February 1, 1985)Zubby Michael/Age

Did destiny Etiko have a child?

Many people does not really know that a famous nollywood actress who is popularly known as destiny Etiko has a son. Well, today is the boy’s birthday and I will be sharing some pictures of him and his mother, Destiny Etiko. According to a recent post that was made by destiny Etiko on her Instagram page.

How much is Ruth Kadiri worth?

Ruth Kadiri Who has a net worth of $700,000 dollars, is a Nigerian actress, screenwriter, Entertainer and film producer.

Who is the richest actor in Nigeria?

Jim IykeJim Iyke – Net Worth of ₦11.4 billion According to Legit.ng Jim Iyke is said to be the richest actor in Nigeria, Jim Iyke began his acting career in 2001; He’s one of the highest-paid actors in Nollywood at the moment and has appeared in over 150 films.

Who is Ruth Kadiris husband?

Mr. EzerikaRuth Kadiri’s husband is simply known as Mr. Ezerika. Nothing is known about him except that his ethnicity is Igbo, apparently inferred from his name.

Who is precious Kadiri?

Ruth Kadiri younger sister Precious Ehis Kadiri is a Nollywood movie producer. She is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Flore beddings. She was born on the 2nd of February, 1993 in Benin-City, Edo State in the south southern part of Nigeria. … Precious Ehis Kadiri has produced quite a number of Nollywood movies.

How old is Ini Edo now?

39 years (April 23, 1982)Ini Edo/Age

How old is Mercy Johnson?

36 years (August 28, 1984)Mercy Johnson/Age

Does Zubby Michael have a child?

Zubby has an adopted son whom he refers to as his Nollywood son, his name is Chikamso Ejiofor popularly known as Ozonigbo. The young man is also a Nollywood actor. He was born on 6th March 1994 and is easily compared with the likes of Aki and Pawpaw because of his small size.

How much is Mercy Johnson worth?

Mercy Johnson net worth is estimated at $5.8 million.

Is Zubby Michael and Destiny Etiko in a relationship?

However, despite the many beautiful pictures continuously surfacing on social media, the actress has cleared the air on matters concerning her love life, saying she is not married, neither is she in a relationship. … Like Zubby, Destiny has not been married and she has not revealed any commitment with anyone.

Who is the father of Ruth Kadiri baby?

She has also been in a relationship with Nigerian producer Stanley Ebonnie. The duo dated for a while before drifting apart. The actress is a loving mother of one. Ruth Kadiri child, Reign Ezerika, was born on 21st August 2019.

How old is Ruth Kadiri?

33 years (March 24, 1988)Ruth Kadiri/Age

Where is Ruth Kadiri Nollywood actress?

Edo, NigeriaRuth Kadiri/Place of birth

Is Eddie Watson a Nigerian?

Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. Eddie Samuel Obong Watson Jr. (born May 22, 1980) is a Liberian-born Ghanaian actor and producer. He received his first Ghanaian Movie Award in 2014 for his film Ebola which he wrote, directed and produced.

Is Ruth Kadiri married to Eddie Watson?

Nigerian Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri who refers to herself as the alpha female of the Nollywood industry has finally tied the nuptial knot with her man. … The actress was wedded in a traditional way by fellow actor Eddie Watson jnr, it is a Nollywood wedding.

Who is Etiko boyfriend destiny?

After a little research, Destiny Etiko’s alleged boyfriend was simply identified as, Dr Success John. According to his Instagram profile, he is a movie producer, dermatologist, Fashionista, and C.E.O of sucex intl. skin care.

How old is Etiko?

31 years (August 12, 1989)Destiny Etiko/Age