Quick Answer: How Do You Get A Soul Stone Without Dying?

Can anyone hold the soul stone?

Whereas something like the power stone can only be held/wielded by a powerful being, the soul stone becomes manageable immediately after the sacrifice is made.

The only infinity stone that can kill you is the Power Stone.

Anyone can hold the other stones normally..

Why can Clint hold the soul stone?

Simply because he was wearing a glove (if I remember correctly). Although that seems like pittance compared to an infinity stone. The soul stone has effectively “chosen” him because of the sacrifice of Black Widow. Another human in the same setting would be destroyed.

Why did Red Skull guard the soul stone?

Red skull was guarding the soul stone because he himself did not have the might to wield it himself. He said “I even held one in my hand”Presumably he meant the space stone. It casted him out and banished him to vormir. “Guiding others to a treasure He cannot posses.”

Is Black Widow alive in the soul stone?

Black Widow met an untimely and tragic end halfway through Avengers: Endgame, sacrificing herself on Vormir so that Hawkeye could retrieve the Soul Stone. … In addition to bringing back the dusted, Hulk also attempted to resurrect Black Widow. However, he was positive she wasn’t among the revived afterwards.

Is there another way to get the soul stone?

In order to get the soul stone , one would need to sacrifice someone whom you love the most and can’t afford to lose at any cost. Basically , its a soul for a soul. In Avengers: infinity war , Thanos, the villain of the film sacrificed her adopted daughter ,Gamora, in order to obtain the soul stone.

Can you come back from the soul stone?

The stones have to be returned to their respective timelines exactly at the time at they were taken, not necessarily from where they were taken. In effect, the Soul stone needn’t have been given back to Red Skull, Steve could just go to Vormir and plop the stone anywhere.

Is gamora dead?

Gamora absolutely died for real in Infinity War, and even if her pre-Infinity War mind could be reunited with her “past” (now “present”) body, like an even weirder version of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, it wouldn’t undermine the power and tragedy in her initial death scene.

Does Thanos love Hela?

No, Hela is not the one Thanos is in love with. Hela isn’t even a god, but as explained in Thor Ragnarok, an especially powerful Asgardian. The being Thanos is in love with is known as Mistress Death, or the literal embodiment of Death.

Why did Thanos kill Loki?

Thanos killed Loki in Avengers: Infinity War for betraying him. When an underling attempts to kill you, what they’ve promised and accomplished before that doesn’t count for very much.

Why does Thanos know Stark?

According to Looper.com, director Joe Russo revealed that Thanos recognized Tony as the person who foiled his scheme to capture power on Earth through Loki in 2012’s The Avengers. “He’s aware of Stark from the original Battle of New York as the person who undid the plan,” said Russo about Thanos knowing Stark.

Why is Thanos so evil?

Thanos can be called evil not because his intentions were evil. … He is evil because he just refuses to engage with the idea about what consequences his action – of snapping his finger and wiping out half the population – would actually have, especially for those who have been left behind.

Why did the power stone not kill Quill?

Originally Answered: Why can Starlord touch the Infinity Stone and not die? Peter Quill did not die when he touched the power stone because he did not do it alone. The combined might of all the Guardians helped contain the power of the infinity stone. He would have been vaporized just like that had he touched it alone.

What’s the 7th Infinity Stone?

The Ego StoneThe Ego Stone (or Ego Gem) is the seventh Infinity Stone, hidden in an unknown realm known as the Ultraverse in the Marvel Comics Universe. Infinity War explains the Infinity Stones were created by the Big Bang that gave birth to the universe.

Will Thor be in Guardians of the Galaxy 3?

James Gunn confirms that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. … Whether or not Thor will make an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 remains a mystery, but Gunn took to Instagram and confirmed that his third film in the series will take place after the God of Thunder’s fourth solo feature.

Can the soul stone revive the dead?

The Soul Stone has the ability to manipulate the soul, the essence that makes up an individual, and has the ability to resurrect and conjure the spiritual representation of the people who are dead.

Why is the soul stone so hard to get?

TL;DR: The Soul Stone was so hard to find because it is being held in the realm of mistress death and the sacrifice on Vormir opens a portal to transport the sacrificed soul to Death, who then uses it to activate the soul stone and give it to its seeker, who then wakes up in the same puddle with it glowing in their ( …

Why did Natasha Romanoff sacrifice herself?

When the Red Skull informed Black Widow and Hawkeye that they must sacrifice something that they love, the two fought over which would be the one to die, each wanting themselves to be the one, resulting in Romanoff tricking Barton, then sacrificing herself.

Are souls trapped in the soul stone?

The Soul Gem is also, in the comics, home to a “pocket universe,” in which souls can be trapped. … When the Soul Stone collects someone’s soul, it stores that soul in the stone itself—either in a pocket universe or some strange world.

Why did they kill black widow?

The original death scene of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame was different. … In case you don’t know, Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff sacrificed herself by jumping off a cliff on Vormir to allow the Avengers to acquire the Soul Stone.

Is Tony Stark dead IRL?

In a video interview with Pinkvilla (via ScreenRant), Tom Holland said the death of Iron Man was not scripted and was filmed with only the actors, the directors, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige on set.

Is Natasha trapped in the soul stone?

Yes, they’re in the Soul Realm for good. The rule of the MCU is once a sacrifice is made to get the stone, that’s it for the one sacrificed.

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