Quick Answer: How Old Is Omoni Oboli First Child?

Did omoni oboli give birth to triplets?

In the early 2000s, Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli gave birth to a set of triplets consisting of only boys.

In 2001, they declared the birth of their three children, Tobe, Chizi and Gozi Oboli who are living in Canada..

What tribe is omoni?

Early life and education. Oboli was born in Benin City, Edo State. She is a descendant of Mosogar in Delta State.

How old is Chioma Chukwuka?

41 years (March 12, 1980)Chioma Chukwuka/Age

What is omoni oboli worth?

Omoni Oboli is currently one of the richest and most influential actress in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $400,000.

Who is omoni oboli husband?

Nnamdi Obolim. 2000Omoni Oboli/Husband

How old is omoni oboli second son?

14-years-oldOmoni Oboli celebrates 2nd son as he clocks 14-years-old today (Photo)

How old is omoni?

43 years (April 22, 1978)Omoni Oboli/Age

How old is Omotola?

43 years (February 7, 1978)Omotola Jalade Ekeinde/Age

How old is ufuoma?

40 years (April 23, 1981)Ufuoma McDermott/Age

Who is omoni oboli first son?

TobeNollywood actress and producer, Omoni Oboli has shared an epic throwback photo of herself, her husband, Nnamdi Oboli and their son, Tobe, 17-years ago. Her first son, Tobe turned 17 today, October 4th, and she shared the photo on Instagram to celebrate him.

How old is Uche Jumbo?

41 years (December 28, 1979)Uche Jombo/Age

Which state is omoni oboli’s husband from?

Delta stateOmoni who is from Delta state featured in her first movie ‘Bitter Encounter’ in 1996 and has since produced several films including Wives on strike, Okafor’s Law, Moms at war amongst others. The lovebirds got married in 2000 and it’s been beautiful all together.

When did omoni oboli start acting?

1996Omoni Oboli Career She began her movie career in the year 1996, with the movie – Bitter Encounter. Her pro acting skills paved the way for her in the industry, so she enjoyed more and more lead roles before she left the industry to focus on her university education.

What is the meaning of omoni?

A submission from Trinidad and Tobago says the name Omoni means “Nuturer. Corner-store of the family. Providing guidance” and is of African origin.

How old is Funke Akindele?

43 years (August 24, 1977)Funke Akindele/Age

How tall is omoni?

Omoni Oboli Wiki, Height, Family, Biography, & MoreBiography & WikiHeightin centimeters– 173 cm in meters-1.73 m in feet inches– 5’8”Weight (approx.)71kgEye ColorBlackHair ColorBlack40 more rows

Is ufuoma McDermott still married?

Ufuoma Stacey McDermott (née Ejenobor /uːˈfoʊmə ˈɛdʒənəbɔːr/ oo-FOH-mə EJ-ə-nə-bor; born 23 April 1981) is a Nigerian film-maker, actor and former model….Ufuoma McDermottYears active2004–presentSpouse(s)Steven McDermott (m. 2010)Children23 more rows

At what age did omoni oboli get married?

Nnamdi Oboli was 29 when he proposed to and married Omoni, who was 21 then and 8 years younger. Their love has remained strong ever since and Omoni Oboli’s marriage has been cited in the media as one of the most “scandal-free celebrity marriages” in recent times.