Quick Answer: How Old Is Susan Pwajok?

Does Regina Daniel have a child?

She has been widely criticized by fans and Nigerians on her alleged marriage to the 59 year old billionaire.

On 29 June 2020 she gave birth to a baby boy for Nwoko..

What tribe is Susan pwajok?

She is from Berom, a tribe Plateau State, Nigeria. She was born on 15th January 2003 and attended Greenwood Primary School Parkview in Ikoyi, Lagos state.

What is happiness real name in the Johnsons?

Susan Pwajok as Blessing Johnson.

Is Jennifer in the Johnsons married?

The Johnsons is a popular Nollywood family comedy series. Among the cast of the Johnsons is Jennifer. … Seun Adebajo is the third of her family and is married to a relationship coach and pastor Osigbesan. The two have being married for over 7 years and her blessed with two children Jeffery and Charlotte.

Who is Regina Daniel’s mother and father?

Rita DanielsRegina Daniels/Parents

How old is Jessica?

22 years oldBiographyJessica OrishaneFull Name:Jessica OrishaneBorn:18 November 1998Age:22 years oldBirth Place:Lagos State7 more rows

How old is Esther uzodinma in my siblings and I?

18years oldEsther Uzodinma was born on the 30th of March 2002, she is currently 18years old.

What is Angela’s real name in my siblings and I?

Esther UzodinmaEsther Uzodinma: Angela Of My Siblings & I Chats With Glance Online.

Who is Regina Daniel’s husband?

Ned Nwokom. 2019Regina Daniels/Husband

What school does Susan pwajok attend?

Susan Ganchung Pwajok was born on the 15th of January 2003, she attended Greenwood Primary School Parkview Ikoyi. Susan started her acting career at a tender age of three when she was part of the stage play ADAOBI IS GETTING MARRIED.

How old is blessing in the Johnsons?

Susan Pwajok is a teenage Nigerian actress, model, and influencer. She is popularly known for her role as ‘Blessing’ in the TV series, ‘The Johnsons’. Susan was born on January 15, 2003, in Lagos.

How old is Esther uzodinma?

18 years oldShe hails from Imo state but was born in Lagos state, Nigeria. Esther is currently 18 years old.

How old is Regina Daniels?

20 years (October 10, 2000)Regina Daniels/Age