Quick Answer: What Is A Henpecked Husband?

What does Antimacassar mean?

: a cover to protect the back or arms of furniture..

What does prying mean?

inquisitive: inquisitive in an annoying, officious, or meddlesome way.

What does the term henpecked mean?

transitive verb. : to subject (one’s spouse or partner) to persistent nagging and domination.

Where did the term henpecked come from?

Origin of Henpecked This expression appeared in the 1600s and likely comes from the imagery of a hen pecking persistently at the ground in search of food. The idea behind the idiom is that, just as a hen pecks constantly at the ground, a wife or girlfriend can nag at her significant other.

What is the opposite of henpecked?

The word HEN means a female chicken. … The opposite of HENPECKED is COCKPECKED which means who is a woman controlled by her husband.

What does malign mean?

1a : evil in nature, influence, or effect : injurious the malign effects of illicit drugs. b : malignant, virulent a malign lesion. 2 : having or showing intense often vicious ill will : malevolent gave him a malign look.

What is second wife of husband called?

Originally Answered: What is a second wife called in English? It’s called a concubine. You can only have one wife. If you want to name someone else as your wife, you have to remove the title from your current wife. Otherwise, it’s Bigamy.

What does meddler mean?

meddling in my personal lifeto involve oneself in a matter without right or invitation; interfere officiously and unwantedly: Stop meddling in my personal life!

What does it mean to be domineering?

: inclined to exercise arbitrary and overbearing control over others.

What is a paramour relationship?

English Language Learners Definition of paramour literary : a person with whom someone is having a romantic or sexual relationship and especially a secret or improper relationship.

What is the word for getting in the way?

To obstruct, hinder, or interfere. hamper. hinder. obstruct. impede.

What do you call a man who is controlled by his wife?

uxorious Add to list Share. A man who dotes on or really adores his wife is uxorious. … It’s also an increasingly dated, old fashioned word, as a husband is considered uxorious if he lets his wife “control” him.

Do hens peck Roosters?

Handsome Is as Handsome Does Roosters stand outside the pecking order, which primarily exists for the hens. … Not all hens will willingly mate with a rooster, even though he is the leader of the flock. With those reluctant hens, he must work to win their attention and affection. It is not always easy.

What is short form of wife?

WF. Wife. Academic & Science » Genealogy. Rate it: W.

Does prolific mean?

1 : producing young or fruit especially freely : fruitful. 2 archaic : causing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction. 3 : marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity a prolific composer.

What does much maligned mean?

to say false and unpleasant things about someone, or to criticize someone unfairly: She has recently been maligned in the gossip columns of several newspapers. Much-maligned for their derivative style, the band is nevertheless enduringly popular. Synonyms.

What does Foresight mean?

1 : an act or the power of foreseeing : prescience Through foresight she could tell what the outcome would be. 2 : provident care : prudence had the foresight to invest his money wisely. 3 : an act of looking forward also : a view forward.