Quick Answer: What Is The Real Name Of FALZ The Bad Guy?

How old is FALZ now?

30 years (October 27, 1990)Falz/Age.

Where is FALZ from in Nigeria?

Mushin, Lagos, NigeriaFalz/Place of birth

Who is FALZ mother?

Funmi FalanaFalz/MothersMeet Falz’s Mother Funmi Falana Who Is Also A Trained Lawyer. Popular Nigerian Rapper Falz was born into the home of legal activists.

How much is FALZ net worth?

Falz Net Worth: Folarin Falana popularly known by his stage name as Falz or Falz the bahd guy is a Nigerian fastest rising comic artor, rapper, singer, songwriter, recording artiste, stage performer, a philanthropist and a human right lawyer who has a net worth of $4.1 million dollars.

What is FALZ full name?

Folarin FalanaFalz/Full name

Who is FALZ sister?

Fola FalanaFalz/SistersThe younger sister of Falz, Fola Falana is about get married to her heartthrob, sharing photos of her ring on her social media account. …