Quick Answer: Who Is Better Akshay Or Shahrukh?

Who is the god of acting?

shah rukh khanshah rukh khan- god of acting..

Who is most loved actor in India?

Follow UsRankActorsStar Power1Shahrukh Khan177052Salman Khan160453Aamir Khan154804Akshay Kumar147303 more rows

Who is the queen of Bollywood 2020?

Deepika PadukoneDeepika Padukone has once again emerged the winner of the Mood Of The Nation poll, August 2020.

Where is Akshay Kumar House?

JuhuAkshay and Twinkle’s home is located in Juhu and they are next door neighbours to Hrithik Roshan. “Living by the sea is wonderful. It’s nice to just sit on the parapet and watch the sunset,” Twinkle said in an interview to Vogue.

Is Akshay Kumar self made?

From Ayushmann Khurrana to Taapsee Pannu, 12 self-made Bollywood stars who achieved success without any godfather. All they have in their favour is their acting prowess. When it comes to self-made stars in Bollywood, we often quote the examples of Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh or Anushka Sharma.

Who is better actor Salman or Akshay?

Akshay is better actor than Salman……. but Salman is bigger star than Akshay. Akshay releases 10 movies in a year…….. … He is the most humble and down to earth actor compared to salman.

What does Akshay Kumar eat?

Yes, Akshay does not follow a diet routine instead he eats everything, but at the right time. The actor usually starts off his day with a serving of parathas followed by a glass of milk and some fruits and nuts. Lunch for the actor consists of lentils, brown rice, wholesome veggies and yogurt.

Is Akshay Kumar a mega star?

MEGASTAR AKSHAY KUMAR AMONGST FORBES’ 2018 LIST OF WORLD’S HIGHEST PAID ENTERTAINERS. … Akshay Kumar becomes the highest paid Indian actor and ranks 7th in ‘The World’s Highest-Paid Actors’ 2018 list, joining the ranks of international actors such as Robert Downey Jr. and George Clooney.

Is Akshay Kumar Rajput?

Kumar was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India, to Hari Om Bhatia and Aruna Bhatia in a Punjabi family. His father was an army officer. … Kumar also has a sister, Alka Bhatia. When Kumar was a teenager, his father asked him what he aspired to be.

Who is the father of Akshay Kumar?

Hari Om BhatiaAkshay Kumar/Fathers

What does Virat Kohli eat?

Kohli said that he’s been vegetarian for two years, and that his diet is 90% free from animal protein and dairy. What’s he into? Superfood salads! He said that it’s one of the best ways to get in nutrition while keeping things light.

Who is SRK best friend?

Divya SethBut the actor revealed on Thursday that Divya Seth is not only his best friend but also his first mentor. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan know filmmakers Karan Johar, Farah Khan, and actor Kajol are some of his best friends in the industry.

Who is the richest actor in India?

Shahrukh Khan1. Shahrukh Khan-Net Worth: $600 million (₹ 4200 crores) Shah Rukh Khan is regarded as Bollywood’s “King,” and the richest actor in India 2021 with a stunning total net worth of 600 million dollars.

Who is best among 3 Khans?

So let us see some of the top Khans in Bollywood.Shah Rukh Khan. Advertisement. Buy Now. Powered By Nettv4u x eReleGo. … Salman Khan. … Salman Khan, the ‘Bhai of Bollywood’ is another well-known Khan. … Aamir Khan. … How can we miss Aamir Khan, when he is amongst the top 3 Khans of Bollywood? … Irrfan Khan.

Who is more successful SRK or Salman?

Shah Rukh Khan frequently appears among the top three wealthiest actors in the world, while Aamir Khan has been the only Eastern actor to be ranked first in the world’s highest-earning actors in films, and Salman Khan has been the highest paid celebrity in South Asia several times.

Who is the richest family in Bollywood?

The Ambani family in India has been called Asia’s richest family by Forbes. The family patriarch, Mukesh Ambani, has an estimated net worth of $66.1 billion, making him the ninth-richest person in the world, according to Bloomberg.

Which Khan is the richest?

Shah Rukh KhanShah Rukh Khan In 2019, he has made an income of ₹ 124.38 crores and the latest income not declared yet.

Is Akshay Kumar a vegetarian?

Akshay Kumar is known for his passion for fitness and health. It’s no surprise that the celebrity has taken to a vegan diet. The Bollywood actor, producer, martial artist Kumar has appeared in over 100 films and television shows. The veteran actor, now 52 years old, has been on a vegetarian diet and was an.

What time Akshay Kumar sleeps?

Akshay follows the mantra of early to bed, early to rise very seriously. Despite a packed schedule, the actor manages to wake up before sunrise and have his last meal before sunset. The actor wakes up at 5:30 AM every single day and is in bed by 9 PM.

Is Akshay a good actor?

Akshay Kumar is one of the biggest and most popular actors in Bollywood, having appeared in 112 movies with more productions on the way. The award-winning actor is an accomplished stuntman, producer, and philanthropist, with endorsements and business investments all over the world.

Are Akshay and SRK friends?

Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar have been in the industry for over 25 years now, but the two stars have never collaborated for a project. SRK, for the first time, opened up on the real reason of them not working together.