Van Vicker Bio

What is Van Vicker net worth?

Famous Ghanaian actor Joseph van Vicker made a sizable fortune thanks to his movies.

As of 2021, his total net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million.

He started on TV series in Ghana and developed into one of the biggest stars in Nigeria’s famous Nollywood..

Who is the richest actress in Ghana 2020?

Yvonne NelsonYvonne Nelson is the richest actress in Ghana in 2020. She is an actress, a model, a film producer, an entrepreneur, a television personality and a philanthropist.

Who is Van Vickers wife?

Adjoa Vickerm. 2003Van Vicker/Wife

How old is Mercy Johnson?

36 years (August 28, 1984)Mercy Johnson/Age

Is Van Vicker still acting?

Joseph van Vicker (born 1 August 1977), better known as Van Vicker, is a Ghanaian actor,movie director and humanitarian….Van Vicker.Joseph van VickerOccupationFilm, television actorYears active2000–presentWebsitewww.vanvicker.org2 more rows

Is Van Vicker Dead 2020?

Van Vicker is ALIVE!! Shock was an understatement when we heard of the alleged death of popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker. Rumours had it that he was involved in a ghastly accident while on his way to church.

Is Van Vicker a Nigerian?

Van Vicker age is 41 years old – he was born on August 1st, 1977. The actor was born in Ghana, so his nationality is not Nigerian, but Ghanaian. … During the actor’s childhood, he and his mother moved around the world a lot, so Van Vicker now describes himself as a global citizen.

How old is John dumelo?

37 years (February 3, 1984)John Dumelo/Age

How old is Nadia Buari today?

38 years (November 21, 1982)Nadia Buari/Age

Who is Jackie Appiah husband?

Peter AgyemangAppiah married Peter Agyemang in 2005 and has one son.

Who is the richest Ghana actor?

So we are going to list out the top 10 most richest actors in Ghana and their net worth.Van Vickers.John Dumelo. … Kofi Adjorlolo. … Frank Artus. … Prince David Osei. … Ekow Smith Asante. … Narsh Smith. … Adjetey Anang. … More items…•Mar 21, 2021

How old is Van Vicker now?

43 years (August 1, 1977)Van Vicker/AgeVan Vicker, whose full name is Joseph Van Vicker, was born 41 years ago, on August 1, 1977. She is the last child of five children and her parents’ name is Kwabena Appiah and Janet Owusu. Actor Joseph Van Vicker has celebrated his only son, VJ Van Vicker, as he turns 12 years old today, November 22, 2020.

What is the meaning of Van Vicker?

Vicker means: English : occupational name for a parish priest, Middle English vica(i)re, vikere (Old French vicaire, from Latin vicarius ‘substitute’, ‘deputy’). The word was originally used to denote someone who carried out pastoral duties on behalf of the absentee holder of a benefice.

When was Van Vicker born?

August 1, 1977 (age 43 years)Van Vicker/Date of birth

What is Nadia Buari net worth?

Nadia’s net worth is estimated as $800,000. She has starred in several movies both in Ghana and Nigeria including; Beyoncé — The President Daughter (2006)