Which Party Is Seyi Makinde?

What is the name of Seyi Makinde wife?

Tamunominni MakindeSeyi Makinde/Wife.

Who is Oyo State government?

Oyo StateCapitalIbadanGovernment• GovernorOluwaseyi Makinde (PDP)• Deputy GovernorRauf Olaniyan22 more rows

What is the motto of Oyo State?

List of Nigerian states’ nicknamesStateNicknameOndo StateSunshine StateOsun StateLand of Virtue (formerly State of the Living Spring)Oyo StatePace Setter StatePlateau StateHome of Peace and Tourism33 more rows

Who is governor Seyi Makinde?

Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde (born 25 December 1967) is a Nigerian businessman, politician and philanthropist. He is the current governor of Oyo State. He is the group managing director of Makon Group Limited; an indigenous oil and gas company in Nigeria. …

Where is Seyi Makinde from?

Ibadan, NigeriaSeyi Makinde/Place of birth

How old is Engineer Seyi Makinde?

53 years (December 25, 1967)Seyi Makinde/Age

How old is Rasheed Ladoja?

76 years (September 25, 1944)Rasheed Ladoja/Age

Which local government is Iseyin in Oyo State?


How old is Makinde?

53 years (December 25, 1967)Seyi Makinde/Age

Who is Seyi Makinde father?

Olatubosun MakindeSeyi Makinde/Fathers