Which State Is Stephanie Okereke From?

Who is Sandra Okereke?

Sandra Okereke, is the name of Stephanie Okereke’s younger sibling who is honing her craft as a top notch actress.

She is still in the processs of climbing up the ladder as she has worked in movies like Royal fighters, Small world, Spirit of anger and many more..

Does Stephanie Okereke have a child?

Maxwell Enosata LinusStephanie Okereke Linus/Children

Who is Stephanie Okereke husband?

Linus Idahosam. 2012Stephanie Okereke Linus/Husband

Who is Linus Idahosa?

Linus Idahosa is a Nigerian-born entrepreneur and the CEO of Fahrenheit Global Security Solutions and founder/Group Chief Executive of the prestigious Del-York International, Africa’s foremost PR, and Strategic Communications company, which represents a vast global network of government clientele, development agencies …

Where did idahosa die?

Benin City, NigeriaBenson Idahosa/Place of death

Where is Stephanie Okereke from?

Ngor-Okpala, NigeriaStephanie Okereke Linus/Place of birth

How old is Stephanie Linus?

38 years (October 2, 1982)Stephanie Okereke Linus/Age

When did Stephanie Okereke get married?

April 21, 2012 (Linus Idahosa)Stephanie Okereke Linus/Wedding dates