Who Is Linus Idahosa?

Who is Stephanie Okereke husband?

Linus Idahosam.

2012Stephanie Okereke Linus/Husband.

How old is Stephanie Linus?

38 years (October 2, 1982)Stephanie Okereke Linus/Age

Where is Stephanie Okereke from?

Ngor-Okpala, NigeriaStephanie Okereke Linus/Place of birth

Is Stephanie Okereke still married?

Stephanie Okereke Linus (She was born as Stephanie Onyekachi Okereke; 2 October 1982) is a Nigerian actress, film director and model….Stephanie Okereke LinusOccupationActress, Director, ModelSpouse(s)Linus Idahosa (m. 2012)ChildrenMaxwell Enosata Linus (b. 2015)Websitewww.stephaniedaily.com4 more rows

Does Stephanie Okereke have a child?

Maxwell Enosata LinusStephanie Okereke Linus/Children

Who is Sandra Okereke?

Sandra Okereke, is the name of Stephanie Okereke’s younger sibling who is honing her craft as a top notch actress. She is still in the processs of climbing up the ladder as she has worked in movies like Royal fighters, Small world, Spirit of anger and many more.