Who Is The Most Handsome Cricketer In World?

Who is poor man in India?

Based on 2019’s PPPs International Comparison Program, According to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) programme, 8 million people out of 1.2 billion Indians, roughly equal to 6.7% of India’s population, lived below the poverty line of $1.25 in 2018–19..

Who is the most stylish cricketer?

Top 10 Most Stylish CricketersKevin Pietersen. Pietersen is the undisputed king among cricketers when it comes to style. … Michael Clarke. The Aussie is one of the best looking men in his team. … Virat Kohli. The Indian team’s present young gun, is also the most stylish. … Andrew Flintoff. … JP Duminy. … Kumar Sangakkara. … AB de Villiers. … Yuvraj Singh.More items…•Sep 29, 2020

Who proposed Virat Kohli from England?

cricketer Danielle WyattEngland woman cricketer Danielle Wyatt, who asked Virat Kohli to marry her on Twitter in 2014, has revealed that the Indian captain told her not to do things like that on Twitter.

Who hit longest six in IPL?

Albie MorkelThe record for longest six in the IPL was set by Albie Morkel while playing for Chennai Super Kings in the inaugural IPL edition and it still stands today. Albie’s humongous strike of 125 m is the current IPL Longest six.

Who is the most beautiful woman cricketer?

Top 10 Most beautiful women cricketersHolly Ferling. Holly Ferling. ( … Taniya Bhatia. Taniya Bhatia. ( … Sarah Taylor. Sarah Taylor. ( … Kate Cross.Natalie Sciver. Katherine Brunt and Natalie Sciver. ( … Cecelia Joyce. Cecelia Joyce. ( … Suné Luus. Sune Luus of South Africa. ( … Isobel Joyce.More items…

What is the salary of Dhoni?

1.8 million USD (2016)MS Dhoni/Salary

Is Chris Gayle rich?

Chris Gayle is one of the most prominent cricketers that West Indies has ever produced and hence, he is one of the richest cricketers in his country. In fact, with a net worth of about $25 million, Chris Gayle is the ninth richest cricketer in the World.

Who owns CSK IPL?

Chennai Super Kings Cricket LtdChennai Super Kings/Owners

Who is the most handsome cricketer in the world 2020?

Top 12 most handsome cricketers in the worldMS Dhoni:Virat Kohli:Kevin Pietersen:Mitchel Johnson:Brendon McCullum:Shahid Afridi:Brett Lee:AB de Velliers:More items…•Apr 21, 2019

Who is the poorest cricketer?

A member of India’s 2011 World Cup-winning squad, Munaf Patel hails from a low-income family of Baroda. His father did not have his land. Hence, he had to work on someone else’s farm. As the family faced many difficulties, his relatives asked Munaf to join his father.

Who is the cutest cricketer?

Here Is The T-20 XI Of The Most Handsome CricketersJason Roy. England’s dominant opener finds himself in the opening pair of this team. … Rohit Sharma. Known as India’s cutest cricketer, he is also the nation’s professional hitman. … Virat Kohli (c) … Lokesh Rahul.Jul 13, 2020

Who proposed Virat Kohli?

After Danielle Wyatt, her teammate has now tweeted that Kohli has already proposed to her. After Danielle Wyatt, it’s now the turn of Katerine Brunt to join the ‘Virat Kohli swaymvar’.

Who is handsome man in the world?

Robert Pattinson – Most handsome man in the world. According to the science and Golden ratio of beauty phi(Perfect face measurement) Robert Pattinson’s face structure was found to be 92.15 percent accurate which proof that, why he is top the list of the world’s most handsome man 2021.

Who is older Virat Kohli or Anushka Sharma?

Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma is a few months older than him.


NatarajanIt isn’t that Natarajan has developed this moniker of ‘Yorker King’ in a day or two. In the 2020 IPL, the soft-spoken lad from Chinnampatti, Salem, delivered a whopping 96 yorkers in 16 IPL games this year. That is equivalent to 16 overs – a stat that is bound to leave many dumbfounded.

Who is the most handsome man in the world 2020?

BTS member V has been announced as the most handsome man of 2020. He beat Zayn Malik, Robert Pattinson and Hrithik Roshan for the top spot.

Who is the smart cricketer in the world?

The Captain of the Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli has scored 43 Centuries [as of 2021] centuries in ODI which won him the ICC One Day International Player of the Year Award. Standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches, this handsome cricketer is good-looking as well as passionate.

Who is the king of IPL?

Rohit Sharma1. Rohit Sharma is the King of IPL.